Essay Writing Helper

There are lots of services and companies working for the proofreading and editing facilities. The Mcessay is a best known service in the online world. This service is very special for the businesses and corporate sectors. In most of the cases it is considered that almost all the proofreading services are linked for the academic institutes and departments. In order to handle the commercial tasks and projects the Mcessay is playing an important role.

The service is famous for the competitive pricing. Yes, they don’t use the common formula of high pricing for the businesses and corporate companies. In normal situations the commercial clients and users can buy term papers. This makes the editing and proofreading services very expensive for the corporate sectors. The Mcessay has finished this trend by offering noncommercial rates and prices for the businessmen and traders.

The academic services provided by the Mcessay are given below.

  • Corporate reporting.
  • Business plan making and editing.
  • Annual report proofreading and editing.
  • CV editing.
  • Business editing.
  • Essay correction.
  • Dissertation planning and editing.
  • Financial and economic analysis.

Pricing for all these tasks are different. There are different protocols and approaches for the assessment of pricing. However, the standard rates are applied according to per page. Different categories are present as given below.

  • Bronze: This package allows the clients to get edited manuscripts within 72 hours. Rate for this package is $ 5.99 per page.
  • Silver: This package is for $6.99 per page and clients can get edited documents within 48 hours.
  • Gold: This package can be bought for $8.99 per page. Assignments are delivered within 24 hours.
  • Platinum: The platinum package is for $ 10.99 per page. Delivery time is 10 hours only.

There are other special charges and packages for the clients. For example, the sapphire and diamond packages can be obtained by paying $12.99 and $15.99 per page respectively. The services offered by Mcessay are highly competitive.

There is a considerable drawback of this service. The word count per page is very low. Only 300 words are considered as one page. It makes the prices very high for the clients. Normally, the reports and essays contain at least 500-1000 words. The word count is estimated by the experts of this service. All these factors make the clients conscious about the editing and proofreading service packages and deals.