Writing a Reflective Paper

A reflective paper is written by an author to communicate any personal experience or event with the audience. A reflective paper is different from others because when writing this paper, authors present their own perceptions. If you are looking for guidelines on writing a reflective paper then this article from ExtraEssay will help you.

The first step in writing a reflective paper is to select a topic. You may select a topic about any particular event, place or any other experience. You must do some brainstorming to find a topic for your reflective paper. After selecting a topic, you must make a writing plan. This writing plan will discuss that how you are going to write your article. You must also do brainstorming to gather different points for your paper.

When writing a reflective term paper, you should initially compose a first draft. Your reflective paper will start with an introduction of your subject matter. State a strong thesis statement at the beginning of your reflective paper. Describe your expectations about your reflective paper along with its scope. After writing the introduction, you will explain your experiences in the body section of your reflective paper. In the body of your reflective paper, you will give details of your experiences and observations. Present your perceptions about a topic. You may also use various information resources in order to support your arguments and perceptions. However you must provide sufficient evidences of those sources as well.

You may use various information sources including books, articles, magazines and newspapers. You must add proper references throughout your reflective paper. These references and citations will add credibility to your reflective paper. You may divide your experience in different paragraphs.

The last part of your reflective paper is a conclusion. The conclusion will provide a brief overview of your topic. You may also give some recommendations or suggestions related to your experiences. After writing the three parts of a reflective paper, you should revise your first draft. Proof read your article in order to identify mistakes. After revising and proof reading your reflective paper, you should format it. You may opt for any style of formatting such as APA, MLA, Harvard and Chicago. The rules for formatting a paper differ amongst these styles.

You must do some research on these styles in order to comprehend these rules.

Therefore if you are going to write a reflective paper then the guidelines discussed in this article will help you. After writing a reflective paper, you must ensure that you have followed and applied these guidelines.