WP Full Care


A lot of people think that having a fully developed and well designed WordPress website is where all the work stops. In reality, that's only the first step that will make you an owner of a WordPress website. But how you maintain that website is what will set you apart from the other website owners in your niche. The challenging part is the fact that non-stop WordPress maintenance is a full-time job. Apart from constant monitoring and security scanning, performing timely software updates and doing regular offsite backup is only a part of what constitutes thorough WordPress website maintenance. If all that sounds rather complicated and time-consuming, then you ought to look for a professional who excels in all aspects that make for a successful WordPress website. Once you get in touch with WP Full Care, you will not only get a young and motivated team of experts who will perform all the above-mentioned tasks. You'll also get a team that will put in 1/2/3 hours of personal care into your WordPress maintenance - it all depends on your package. Our prices start as low as $74 per month, and that number can be further reduced should you decide to give us a go for the long-run. Get in touch with WP Full Care after which we'll perform a careful website analysis and come up with a WordPress website maintenance strategy that will be personalized to your needs.