What Equipment Do I Need for Ghost Hunting


The term ghost hunting equipment may remind people of the 1980s film Ghost Busters and the hi-tech gadgets they use to hunt and catch ghosts. In reality, the tools used in ghost hunting are far less fancy but they are essential for people who want to investigate the paranormal. You don't need an expensive thingamajig to hunt for spirits but you would need these basic equipment.

Camera. You don't need an expensive camera for ghost hunting. In fact, you can use a simple point and shoot digital camera. Don't expect to capture clear images of ghosts and spirits. That is not really what the camera is for. It is actually to capture subtle signs of paranormal activity in a certain location such as the appearance of orbs and other unusual lighting occurrences. Ghost hunters usually just take random photos and just examine them later.

Video Camera. A video camera is a much more vital piece of ghost hunting equipment than a camera because of the fact that it can record unusual movements. You may not be able to capture an actual video of a ghost but you can definitely catch objects moving on their own. A word of advice though. Some ghost hunters have reported that the batteries of their video cameras get drained quickly during investigations so be sure to bring extra juice.

Audio Recorder. Professional and avid ghost hunters use audio recorders to capture what they call EVP or electronic voice phenomena. Like unusual images, EVP are usually not detected during the time of the taping and it is actually easy for investigators to miss it because of the presence of other stimuli. This is the reason why audio tapes and digital files are reviewed carefully after each ghost hunting session. Some examples of EVPs capture by ghost hunters in the past include children's laughter, cry of babies and shrieks. You can actually listen to some eerie EVPs that have been posted online.

Infrared Thermometer. Like living beings, ghost and spirits emit heat which can be easily detected by an infrared or IR thermometer. Ghost hunters have reported picking up heat signatures in places even when there are no visible beings around.

Electromagnetic Field Detector. This is the fanciest ghost hunting equipment on the list and it may also be the most important. An electromagnetic (EMF) detector is used to monitor electromagnetic emissions in the air. EMF detectors can also pick up emissions from electrical devices but ghosts and spirits are said to give off a higher reading than usual household devices. This is the reason why when investigating a certain place using an EMF detector, ghost hunters usually scan the place first for electrical outlets and devices that may be running.

Pen and Paper. The most basic paranormal activity detector is in you, your five (or six) senses. And sometimes, all the ghost hunting equipment you need is a pen and a piece of paper with which you can record your observations. So the next time you go ghost hunting, make sure you have a pen and a piece of paper in your pocket.