Top 10 best android TV boxes on the market


Certainly very annoying if you have to frequently charge your android tv box or to the This is because the android box battery is designed not to use the old one. Each battery has its own capacity specified by the manufacturer respectively. But there are other ways that your tv box battery can last longer.

If Previously I discussed how to check the health of the battery, this time I will discuss How to Make Long-Lasting Battery android tv box.

This is the best way to make your android tv box battery last longer.

1. Use a Battery Saver App

This method is very easy, you simply download the application battery saver available in app stores, such as Playstore. The workings of this application is to stop some application process that takes a lot of phone battery. However, the weakness of your tv box will be noticeably slower, It certainly would not be so problematic for android box battery will last longer.

2. Remove Applications Rarely Used

Maybe you really like to download the application, but you do not ever use it. This will certainly weigh heavily on the performance of your battery. Because, although the application is not running, the system will make the process of cache that has an impact on battery life. Make sure to choose the right android box so you won't have to deal with poor electrical quality.

3. Use android box As Needed

For those of you who love browsing or social media, you should limit the use of your smartphone battery life if you want it more durable. The use of tv box for browsing in a long enough period of time will speed up the exhaustion of the battery, especially if the mobile operator networks available unstable.

4. Use Original Charger

Always use the original charger from your android box, because every smartphone has a battery capacity that is different. Using the default phone chargers, the electric current that goes into your cell phone will always be maintained.

5. Root

This method proved to be very effective, This is because many default phone application that can not be uninstalled, which will take a lot of your phone’s battery life. Though many of these applications that tend unused. By rooting, the application can be removed. In addition to saving battery life, it also can provide greater memory space.