Step to Fix Email Not Working?


When we try and access our email account from different devices there are several issues that we come across and need to be solved before start using it. The same is the problem with SBCGlobal email users, where many of them complain that my sbcglobal email is not working and they also search the ways to solve them. There can be several reasons for the email not working, some of these are:

  • A poor internet connection from the user side.
  • Incoming and Outgoing mail server settings are not appropriate.
  • The server of the email service might be down.
  • Recent updates in username or password that are not stored in the cache.
  • Incorrect login information or Incorrect email address of the recipient, while trying to send an email.
  • An email account is compromised by a hacking or virus attack.

Solutions to the SBC Email Problems

The following can be used to resolve email problems:

1. Clear browsing cache

When we visit a lot of websites on the internet, the browser makes a fast memory for itself, in order to retrieve the information faster for the user. Therefore, if you have recently changed your password and logging using it for the first time, then it happens that the browser takes your older login information from the cache it stored. Thus, you can clear the cache of the browser and try again, which can solve your problem of my sbcglobal email is not working.

2. Disabling of Firewall

Sometimes, to protect our computer we use several methods and put a firewall for the virus and malware that try to enter our computer. These firewalls sometimes don’t allow us to access some websites, therefore to access them we specially have to grant them permission or disable the firewall. So you can try by adding your SBCGlobal webmail into the allow list and this might solve your email problems.