St. Louis/Columbia Electronic Dance Music


An up-to-date-and comprehensive one-stop viewing of the Electronic Dance Music Movement in St. Louis and Columbia, MO. We have been blessed with an abundance of extremely talented and cutting-edge musicians in the area, a group of promoters that work hard at putting together line-ups that give our artists a platform to perform and planned with continuity so that one artist leads to and compliments the next, and an ever increasing number of EDM friendly venues that reflect every phase of the growth of the Movement. Whether you live 20 or 200 miles away, St. Louis/Columbia are the destinations to see a show or two, easily done in a weekend and have choices on those nights, and increasingly on a weekday basis. St. Louis has a historical tradition of being on the cutting edge of music: from the Blues (Chuck Berry, Johnny Johnson); Jazz (Miles Davis); early Rock (Head East, Pavlov;s Dog, Michael McDonald); Contemporary Rock (Sheryl Crow, The Urge, Uncle Tupelo; Country/Rock (Gretchen Wilson, Drive By Truckers; and the success of Nelly and The St. Lunatics have St. Louis mentioned side-by-side with New York and L.A. on the Rap scene. It's time for the EDM Movement to take up the banner and continue the St. Louis tradition. Whether you are looking to dance 'til you drop or chill and take in the cutting edge artistry of our DJ's - listen, check out the offerings that will cater to every EDM aficionado. The St. Louis/Columbia scenes are happening and whether you're already part of the Movement or curious about the direction music is taking in this digital world, check us out and I think you'll discover what many of us have known- The EDM Movement is thriving here because of one thing: IT'S ALL ABOUT THE MUSIC!