Social College


PTI’s Social College is a series of discussions and activities focusing on participant-identified social topics. An emphasis is placed on WHY social norms are important and HOW to apply those skills in a variety of settings. Each session will include interactive discussion and opportunities to apply content within a group, receiving immediate feedback.

Social College incorporates evidence-based curriculum developed by experts in the field and adapted by PTI staff and consultants to specifically address the needs of the participants.

A variety of topics will be offered throughout the year and may include technology, dating/sexuality issues, nurturing friendships, advocacy, anger management, teambuilding, self-awareness, event planning, work/life balance, verbal and nonverbal communication, empathy, decision making, etc.

  • Participants are encouraged to attend at least one series per year
  • Outcomes are identified and tracked for each course

Group discussion, modeling, video and other visual and auditory supports, rating scales, social stories, worksheets and literature review are among methods used during courses to teach and reinforce skills.

Social College participants may consider further instruction in each of these topics of focus by enrolling in PTI’s Social Focus program. Generalization of these skills may also be practiced in PTI’s Social Growth program.