Bio Rush B. Loftis, Born in Dec 1994, Soldier in Missouri National Guard. Studying Information System Security at Grantham University. 

Where I stand.


I am pro-life; all life, no matter how small, must be preserved. There are ways that we can promote adoption, and make the process of adoption easier for the birth mother and the adopting family. We must show women we care about them and their precious babies. As I have stated before, we cannot be the greatest country in the world if we can’t even protect the most innocent life that we have.
Religious Freedom.
We must protect our freedom of Religion. Religious freedoms are under attack by those who want to chip away piece by piece from our Constitution. This should never be tolerated in our country!
My Support for the Military.
We do have the best military in the world. I believe we must not take this for granted. I believe the Department of Defense should not be underfunded but that it should be the most heavily funded department in the United States.
Second Amendment.
We must preserve our Second Amendment Rights. Our Founding Fathers knew what they were doing when they wrote it. This right is Constitutional and “Shall not be infringed.” 

The loss of Liberty is Equal to slavery.