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Red Canoe Media is St Louis' leading Internet Marketing company, offering custom marketing solutions to busineses in St Louis and throughout the US.

Our Story

Red Canoe Media - three words that accurately explain our mission, our purpose and our services for our clients.


Just three letters but the word red means a lot to us. Usage of the color red in marketing typically means urgency and action - two things we put into every project we do.

Red also has a personal meaning to our owner Will Hanke. Will's mother loved red m&m's. When she passed away, Will thought this would be a good way to remember her - every time he heard his company name.

As a bonus, it's the color of our home town's baseball team, the St Louis Cardinals. What baseball fan wouldn't want to live and work in baseball heaven?


Our company culture encourages taking time to enjoy this great life we've been given. We enjoy fishing, camping, and (something us Missourians love) floating. Never been on a Missouri float trip? Join us for one this summer!


We chose the word media to show our wide range of service offerings. We can help your company with SEO, Facebook advertising, ecommerce & conversion optimization. Or we can help you set up your social media pages and newsletter schedule.

No matter what sort of online marketing you need, we have the skilled staff to help you achieve your goals.

What We Can Do for You

In short, we help businesses make more money and attract more customers through a variety of customized online marketing methods.

Business owners and marketing managers hire us to get more traffic, sales, leads and conversions from their website.

Businesses want - and need - to rank at the top of the search engines. Without this, their website is stale and unproductive. Higher rankings means more traffic, and more traffic means new customers.

We promote websites through numerous tactics - such as following Google's guidelines for your website structure, building links back to your website from other sites, and helping you create new content.

Let's Start a Conversation

Do you need more customers and higher revenue? Let's talk about how a partnership with Red Canoe Media can make that happen. Contact us to get the conversation started.