NFL schedule allows three teams the rare chance to accomplish the Bird Gauntlet


Can an NFL Live team complete the rare task of defeating all five bird franchises in a single season? It's never been done in the history of the league, but as The_Real_2Pac points out on the NFL subreddit page, a few teams have the opportunity this season.

We ll let them explain:

Due to the yearly divisional matchup cycles, every 12 years the Redskins, Giants, and Cowboys are guaranteed to play the Eagles, Ravens, Cardinals, and Seahawks, and one of them might play the Falcons if they finished in the same place within their respective divisions the previous year. This last occurred in 2008 and will happen again this year.

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This also happens in the NFC South with the Panthers, Buccaneers and Saints, and will happen in 2022. For the NFC North and NFC West, teams have to get extremely lucky with their scheduling. In the West, teams are guaranteed 3/5 bird teams every four years, but must finish in the same standings (or get playoff matchups) to complete the gauntlet. The North only gets 3/5 bird teams every 12 years.

A few other teams this season technically have a chance at the bird gauntlet, but it'd be incredibly difficult. For instance, the Packers play the Falcons and Eagles in the regular season and could technically play the Cardinals and Seahawks in the playoffs, and then the Ravens in the Super Bowl. Similar situation for the Panthers, who play the Falcons and Cardinals in the regular season. They'd need to face the Eagles and Seahawks in the playoffs and Ravens in the Super Bowl.

The Reddit post says two teams came close to accomplishing this feat: The 2003 Rams, who beat everyone except the Eagles, and the 2008 Giants, who beat everyone except the Falcons.

There s even a dedicated subreddit to rooting on the bird teams from the NFL. Reddit Co-Founder Alexis Ohanian acknowledged this subreddit in an interview with Jimmy Kimmel.

Let s look at the current bird schedules for our three teams in 2020.

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