Kansas City Chiefs Vs. Houston Texans NFL Season 2020 Scheduled To Kick Off

Texans vs Chiefs Football Scheduled To Kick Off 2020 NFL Season

To commemorate their first Super Bowl win in 50 years, the Kansas City Chiefs will face the team against whom they completed a historic comeback.

“We look forward to raising last year’s Super Bowl championship banner,” Andy Reid told the team’s website, “and all that comes with defending our title in the 2020 season.”

The Chiefs are scheduled to host the Houston Texans in the NFL opener, representing a rematch of the divisional playoff game. Kansas City won 51-31 — but only after trailing 24-0.

The Chiefs then scored a touchdown on their next seven possessions and kicked a field goal on the eighth. It was the first time in NFL postseason history that a team trailed by at least 20 points and wound up winning by at least 20.