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Interpersonal skills training for leadership includes learning how to communicate effectively with both colleagues and subordinates. Communicating with people on a regular basis is a fundamental requirement for career success and advancement. In fact, communication is a skill which has to be developed throughout a person's entire life. A communication course helps an individual to master the art of effective communication that improves interpersonal skills. The Interpersonal Skills Training Course is designed to help individuals improve their interpersonal skills through various methods that are both fun and interactive.

The Interpersonal Skills Training is a two-step program consisting of two main components. First, there is a practical workshop where students get a chance to utilize hands-on practice with real life situations to develop their interpersonal skills. Second, the Interpersonal Skills Development course introduces the essential theory of social interaction and networking that encompass personal, professional and social skills development. During the theoretical part of the Interpersonal Skills Development, students get to learn about various theories, skills, strategies and methods related to interpersonal skills training.

The Interpersonal Skills Development courses helps people in enhancing their social skills and also their leadership skills. The aim of the program is to enhance interpersonal skills training by equipping people with the essential knowledge and information related to successful people handling. The program also aims at developing people management skills by building upon basic values and principles that are necessary for positive and constructive interaction among people.

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