How does perfume work? Know the basics here!

Finding the appropriate fragrance for you can be a tough job sometimes. Maybe you have worn fragrances and are a new kid in this block. Or maybe you are using perfumes for years but haven’t found out the perfect one according to your personality. It’s really confusing while choosing the best perfume for menwhether to choose fruity and woody or go for something muskier. So, it’s really important to know the basics of fragrances before buying a perfume. Let’s know about the basic categories of scents. It will help you to select the base note of a perfume.

Floral: Known as the most popular fragrance option, these floral perfumes are consists of the scent of either one flower or a bouquet of multiple flowers. Rose, lavender, gardenia – these are the most common options here. Most of the women fragrances are floral as they smell feminine and romantic.

Oriental: These oriental smells have a tendency to be muskier, slightly spicy and you will get a little bit smell of vanilla, clove and cinnamon.

Chypre: This fragrance family is classified by a woody, earthy scent having the hints of oak, citrus and moss.

Green: Are you a nature lover? Love the smells of fresh leaves and grass? Then this scent family is just for you. Just think about the fresh scents of crushed leaves, grass and other fresh smells that take you straight to the outdoor greeneries.

Fougere: The actual meaning of this French word is fern. Here, you will get hints of fresh herbs, moss and oak. This fragrance family is quite stronger. Most of the popular men perfume brands use this scent to manufacture men’s fragrance to make it last longer.

Oceanic: This scent family is entirely influenced by the ocean, its salty air and sandy beaches. The scent is clean to smell with the hints of citrus and spices. Usually, masculine fragrances are made from this scent family.

Woody: The perfect scent of forests with the hints of cedar, pine, sandalwood – woody scents can really mesmerize you. If you like the scents that are musky and earthy, these woody scents are just for your pick.

Know the fragrance notes:

Fragrances that we buy from stores contain several notes. Usually, the best perfumes contain different layers of scents to create their exclusive bouquet. These scent layers are normally referred to as notes. Just smelling just one type of fragrance, you will have the option to pick up a number of notes to make you amazed more. Basically, what we smell at the stores while trying the perfumes on our skin, get changed after coming back home.

Let’s know here about the notes present in the perfumes:

Top notes: This is the smell that we get immediately after applying a perfume. This is the scent that hits our nose first but these notes evaporate quickly.

Middle notes: Once the top note evaporates, the middle note comes out as the top note and is dissolving by making up the majority of the fragrances.

Base notes: This is the strongest note among the three. The base note lasts long compared to the other notes. But you cannot detect a base note until you have been wearing a perfume for at least 20-30 minutes. Base notes provide the actual depth and back up to the middle note to provide the intervening theme of a scent. So, it’s always advisable that not to buy a perfume just trying it at the store counter. Wear it for at least 30 minutes. Then decide whether you like the smell or not.

The best perfume for men that last long must contain a strong carrier and a perfect concentration level that increase the stability of a fragrance for all day long.