Give your business all the power of the free SlideBatch and more by upgrading to a

Content Hub

Trusted by Brands Big and Small. Here are a few:

Hosted at Your Own Domain Name

Simply decide on a web URL, such as:

Branded for You

Your site, content, embed players, and shared emails will all have your brand—your logo, messaging, and design theme. Customize it for public or private use, or both.

Use Cases Abound

Whether it is for marketing, sales, education, communications, or media distribution purposes, a white-labeled SlideBatch can help.

Video Gallery

Create your own streaming video site. Organize videos in one place so they can be easily found. Upload any type of video or embed video from popular sites.

Training Resources

Business trainers and teachers are rely on informal sharing of digital content. Now you can easily share articles, videos, images, podcasts and more to reinforce learning.

Sales Tools

Sharing digital content to more effectively sell is often difficult. Now your customers can easily watch videos, download PDF brochures, read relevant articles, and more.

Research Repository

Your initiatives require research on the market, competitors and more. Create a central place for team members to collect articles, videos, infographics, PDF's and other important resources. Now they can be on the same page.

Image Gallery

Create interesting collections of images around formal events, the office place, organizational outings, product showcases, and more. Share privately or with large groups. Nothing says it better than a picture.

Personal Hub

Organize all of your own media in the cloud. A great place for family media albums, vacation and Holiday memories, big events in your life. No need to transfer form device to device once it's in the cloud.

Support Center

How easily can your external and internal customers find support information such as forms, manuals and agreements? Create a portal around frequently requested information and organize it they way they want it.

PR Newsroom

When potential investors or employees want to know about you, it's often best to be the one supplying the information. Create a newsroom with the latest buzz about your company, the leadership, and overview information.

Thought Leadership

Create a hub of great resources, such as Top 10 Lists, How-To's, Market Research, and more. By doing so, you establish your brand as a leader and champion of progress. This has a ripple effect on the bottom line.

Creating a Content Hub is Easy

Slidebatch was built with user experience in mind. Adding and sharing your content is super simple.


Collect Media

Upload nearly any file type from a hard drive, search and surf the web for content, or import from popular cloud services. Videos, images, articles, documents, popular embed, maps, tweets and more are supported.


Organize & Enrich

Organize your digital media into topics and sub-topics. Title, describe and tag it for easy finding and searchability. Choose the design you want and re-order, move and copy as necessary. Customizing is quick and easy.


Set Access & Share

Choose private or public access for your hub and specific topics. Share the hub, topics or items through a simple link or embed into a website or blog.

Priced According to Your Needs

We know every business need is different. Depending on your use case--a need for video uploading and distribution, total storage, number of admins and users, single sign-on integration, and other factors, we will price your white-labeled SlideBatch for you!

We also have services to help you get started with content strategy and promotion, as necessary. Just let us know.

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