Console tables: the new age furniture range

The modern furniture range has introduced some amazing utility pieces of furniture to us. Our busy life schedule hardly allows us to spend hours organizing and clearing out messed up rooms every day. So, how to make your house look clean and perfect? Well, it’s not difficult at all with the modern range of consoled furniture sets. For instances, a console table provides extra storage and you don’t need to organize everything properly rather you can hide things to make your room look clean. Whether it’s a large TV cabinet, chest of drawer, modular kitchen cabinet or a small living room table – consoled furniture provides ease to keep things in a more organized way.

Places to use a console table:

A console table is a versatile piece of furniture allowing us to use it according to our requirements. Here, we’ve got the best places to use a console table for.


Placing a console table at your entrance provides a solid focal point and a classy first impression for your guests visiting your home for the first time. You should cleverly decorate the table with a cute family frame, a unique warm lampshade and a beautiful mirror. This is the perfect ambiance to welcome guests. Don’t you have a separate coat stand? Attaching a coat rack and some extra hooks will serve your purpose perfectly. Place a bowl to keep keys, mobiles and other tiny belongings of your guest.

Create a home office:

Do you have a cozy office space inside your house? A console table can enhance the office vibe perfectly. Set up a large table near the power source. Make sure the table offers enough tabletop space to hold all the office essentials including laptops, printers, writing equipment, table lamps etc. If you have chosen a table along with multiple drawer and cabinets, you can easily arrange all your office papers perfectly in there.

TV stand:

In general, console tables are narrow allowing them to occupy less floor area than a conventional TV cabinet or media unit. If you have a complete collection of home theater, gaming equipment, DVD player look for a sturdy console table that is capable enough to accommodate all these things along. Also, you can easily hide up the suspended wires for a comparatively clear appearance.

Bedroom vanity:

Want to make something different in your bedroom interior? A console table can be used to turn up into a perfect bedroom vanity. You just need to hang up a mirror above the table. Tuck a chic chair or a tiny stool underneath. Store your cosmetics and jewellery sets into these drawers. As most of the consoles don’t have additional drawers, you can stash your belongings in small boxes on the tabletop. To get the best ambiance, try to do the best with the light source. End up with a pretty spot or place a beautiful table lamp on the tabletop. Highlight the beauty quotient with delicate perfume bottles and jewellery boxes.

Build your home bar:

If you are fond of building up your own personalized home bar, a console table can help you then. Buy a table with open shelving provision to have a great bar counter. Thus you can showcase beautiful bottles and glassware on these shelves. Also, they are way too accessible and entertaining for your guests.

The benefits:

A console table offers an amazing landing place for small “in and out the door” belongings like keys, handbags, wallets etc.

Have a great collection of artworks to display? The hallway console tables are the best provision to give your artworks a base so they can be preserved perfectly.

Above all, according to your personal preferences and requirements, you can use a console table to make your house more attractive and useful.