Adolf Hitler


Born in Austria and a man of artistic talent, Hitler strayed from his original dreams of being an architect to world domination and genocidal reign in the mid-1900's. 
A man of radical ideas and charismatic speeches, it wasn't hard for him to win the hearts and votes of the German population during their oppression after the first world war. 
Political and economical devastation due to World War 1 had robbed the German population of their former glory and when they heard the alluring words and promises that Hitler had to offer them he quickly rose in rank and grasped dominating power. 
His radical ideas, now known as Nazism, swept through Germany and its surrounding countries and with it his popularity soared. Hitler had assured his place in the history books for eternity when his oppression of the Jews started the Second World War. 
But victory would not lead him into a glorious life and old death but rather defeat would pressure him into a war ending suicide.