A realistic dinosaur costume: Make your theme party more adventurous

Let’s start the party tonight! Wondering how to make a plan for a thriving party? Nothing can do better like a costume party. Whether it’s a Halloween party, a Disney costume party or an Avenger costume party – a perfect costume or theme suit is a must. These are really fun to put on and extremely entertaining for the guests; act as the eventual ice breaker. In a themed costume, you need to step out to become something that you are actually not for real. It will make you feel better and enjoy more.

Wondering about choosing the most entertaining costume? Leaving behind the common old school costumes, we’re talking about the colossal prehistoric ones. Welcome to the world of the ultimate excitements – the dinosaur suits!

Isn’t it enough exciting to encounter dinosaurs straight out from the mysterious Jurassic era? As we haven’t experienced them to stroll alive, we all are full of interesting queries about them. So, why not creating a surreal environment with a realistic dinosaur suit?

Also, you can arrange some fun games on dinosaurs. Especially the kids will love it. So, here, we’re going to help you out about getting the best realistic dinosaur suits made of the best quality materials. Also, we will discuss the different types of suits available in the market.

After all, you should look like a real dinosaur, not anything after surviving a car accident.

Top features that make a costume perfect:

Whatever the theme is, whether it’s a T-Rex suit or any Halloween costume, it should incorporate a realistic effect.

The material used: the material plays the most important role while designing a theme party costume. Most of the Dinosaur Suit makersuse foam to build up the sculpture of the dinosaur. The entire design depends on the sculpture so this initial structure is very important.

The fitting: When you wear a dinosaur costume, it should be well-fitted. You should walk or move comfortably in it. Specifically check whether it has the facilities of:

Moving head to either side

Comfortable opening and closure of the mouth

Convincing movements of the tail

Blinking eyes

If the suit comes with a pair of wings, it should move accordingly

A real roaring sound is the must

A realistic skin texture:

After finishing the sculpting job, the immediate step is to draw a realistic texture on the Dinosaur Suit. It should have an optimum similarity with the real-time dinosaurs. So, it’s necessary to choose the perfect texture and shades in order to create a realistic suit.

Working on the texture is not the last concern. Now, it’s time to deciding on the perfect skin. To create the real dinosaur look, a silicone coat is applied to the preliminary foam structure.

So, before you hire or buy a dinosaur suit, it’s important to know all these essential features that make a suit realistic.

From the hundreds of popular Dinosaur suits, we’re discussing some of them here.

Visible leg suit: Your legs can be seen underneath the suit. As realistic dinosaurs have quite different shaped legs, it’s somehow difficult to fit a pair of human legs inside. Don’t worry. When you have every other possible realistic detail, you won’t look at the performer’s legs.

Hidden legs suit: Your legs are going to covered by the dinosaur skin. The suit has an inside monitor and you will see outside from a hidden camera on the nose of the dinosaur which is rarely visible to the audience. Salient dinosaur skeleton shaped suits on the legs look quite close to the real one.

Silicone skin suit: The traditional dinosaur suit was made of silicone for more than 20 years. When it comes to durability and realistic appearance, this is the most preferable option. However, you need to wear a heavy suit which weighs approximately 10kgs. 

How much does a standard dinosaur suit cost?

Well, this is somehow the most important thing to ask. Different types of dino suits cost differently. Depending on the material used, the final texture and the shipping cost prices vary. Also, your location and your country policy matter a lot. 

Dinosaur suitis nowadays considered as one of the most amazing product to host a successful event, order your favorite suit now and get it shipped right at your doorstep.